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Scenes From BigBoobiesClub
Sneaky Sofie Marie called up a hot guy she wanted to fuck, and she had him come to her hotel room in Hollywood for a hot and sexy date. Her hubby is gone, and Richard Glaze is ready to fill up her pussy with some strange cock. These two athletes really puyt on a show with their great bodies, and sexual chemistry. Richard fills up her married pussy with his good tasting cum!

Yellow Dress Dam
Sofie Marie
49 Photos
Sofie Marie - Yellow Dress Dam no panties

SofieMarieXXX WW Revolver Bikini Boots Yard

SofieMarieXXX WW Red Lace 457 Bikini

SofieMarieXXX WW Reckless Neon Thong Blue Dress Dam

Journalist Gets The Full Story
Michael Ryker , Sofie Marie
281 Photos, 23 min of video
Sofie Marie is interviewing Michael Ryker for a story for her magazine, and this interview goes off the rails and off the record, and Sofie wants the real story! Michael runs a swinger party group, and he personally vets the people for the party, and Sofie wants to understand the process of getting an invite, how does the sex at the party happen, and most importantly, Sofie wants on the special VIP list!

SofieMarieXXX WW Knickers Orange White Maxi

SofieMarieXXX MS Blue Crystal w Jewels

SofieMarieXXX Bona Fide Blue and Black Workout

Bona fide Black Cross One Piece

Yummy Workout Floor Training
Misty Meaner , Sofie Marie
19 min of video
Sofie Marie is an at home fitness trainer, and Misty has hired her for a floor training session. Dominating Sofie shows her how to perform her stretches and exercises, and then Sofie starts undressing her student. After some naked working out, Sofie makes Misty take Sofie's strap-on in her mouth and tight snatch!

Sofie Marie has the hots for her boot camp instructor, Derrick Pierce. She gets dressed up, goes over to his house, and gets him in his bedroom, and the workout begins. Sofie puts in the work as she lets her instructor work her out to multiple orgasms and a huge facial to complete the workout!

SofieMarieXXX WW MM Sheer Yellow Clear Strap Bikini

It had been awhile since Iron MILF Sofie Marie and Keiran Lee hooked up. This time Sofie wants Keiran to use all her holes! She takes his legendary $1M cock in her mouth, pussy and ass with gusto! Keiran give hers a hardcore work out, and he bathes her face in his hot cum.

SofieMarieXXX WW White Crop Sheer Pants

Poke Her In The Rear 5
Chris Cardio , Sofie Marie
140 Photos, 27 min of video
Sofie Marie and her stepson Chris Cardio are chatting before they head to bed, and Sofie asks Chris to take care of the back door. He is somewhat confused since Sofie is dressed provocatively, and she is Chris's stepmom. Sofie heads to her room, and Chris enters her room a little bit later. He sees the Sliquid lube on her bedside table, and he thinks he understands what Sofie meant by "back door". He lubes up and stuffs his BBC into her sexy ass through her crotchless panties. Sofie seems thrilled by the penetration, and they have a hot free use sex session, with ass to mouth and ass to pussy, and Chris finally blows his nut on Sofie's face!

Real Swingers Pro Foursome Robbing The Cradle
Hailey Rose , Max Fills
104 Photos, 24 min of video
This scene is so hot. Real hot couples sex!  Hailey Rose loves older men, so Spike is in for a treat with her hot, firm young body and her beautiful massive natural breasts!  Sofie and Max have a great chemistry which is erotic and sexy to watch!  Hailey and Sofie get Spike's cum with a massive double blow job orgasm which the girls share with each other.  Sofie gets Max's load in her pussy and Hailey eats the spunk from her pussy and spits it in Sofie's mouth!

SofieMarieXXX WW MM Black Lace Up Lingerie Dam

Ok, this is a very naughty video. Not just for the hot sex Sofie Marie is having, but because she was not supposed to be fucking Mike Nova! They secretly agreed to meet up in Florida for a weekend of naughtiness. This is one of the hot sex sessions they had on their trip that they filmed for their personal spank bank, since the plan was to keep their hookup from their spouses. Sofie has decided to come clean with her hubby, so now you can see the video!

Dr Raven Swallowz is an expert couple's sex therapist. She uses her unique talents to help her clients. Sofie Marie and Spike have come to see Dr Raven again, to help sort out Spike's feelings. Sofie has been unattentive, even after she got permission for a hall pass for a hotwife date. Raven diagnosis of Sofie is that what is ok for Sofie is not ok for Spike. Raven makes Sofie watch her suck and fuck Spike right in front of her. Raven is determined to prove to Sofie that Spike needs sex too! Raven takes a massive facial!

SofieMarieXXX MS White Sheer Mini Bikini Desert

Real Swingers Pro Foursome Texas Patti
Patrick , Sofie Marie
6 Photos, 26 min of video
Texas Patti and Patrick joined Sofie Marie and Spike Irons for a group sex, couple's swap, swinger sex party! Let the swap begin! After some 69, Sofie and Patrick get busy. Sofie's tight pussy squeezes the cum out of Patrick, and Sofie sits on Texas Patti's face so she can taste his cum out of Sofie's pussy. Spike is railing Texas Patti's sweet hot pussy. Sofie joins Spike and Texas Patti, and the ladies suck the cum out of Spike's cock and swap the cum with each other!

SofieMarieXXX WW Black Crop Sheer Pants Bowtie Panties

Cuckold Her
Piper Press , Sofie Marie
23 min of video
Spike Irons and his mistress, Piper Press, decide its time to tell Spike's partner Sofie Marie that they are hooking up. Spike introduces Piper to Sofie as his girlfriend, and Sofie is stunned. Sofie watches with curiosity and horror when Spike and Piper start kissing and Spike fingers her right in front of Sofie. Then, Piper uses Sofie as a pillow when Spike fucks Piper right in front of Sofie! Spike makes Sofie taste his cock after its been in Piper's sweet pussy! Finally, Piper and Spike undress Sofie and make her participate in the show as a good submissive wife.

Sofie Fucks Chris From Love Nestle
Sofie Marie
13 min of video
Sofie Marie spends some alone time with her love doll "Chris" from Love Nestle

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SofieMarieXXX WW White Lace Lingerie outside

Wicked Weasel Microminimus Orange Blue Sheer "Large" Bottoms

Wicked Weasel Lighthouse Shorts Pink White Crop Top

Playboy Playmates and super hot MILFS Sofie Marie and Victoria Zdrok are in bed together, and kissing in lingerie. Soon, the ladies take good care of each others wet pussies with their talented tongues. After each have climaxed, Spike Irons inserts his tongue into Victoria's pretty pussy. Victoria rides Spike and then the girls suck the cum out of Spike's thick cock!

Colleen Kelly Black White One Piece Garden Suit

Wicked Weasel Purple Sheer Lingerie

Nude On The Bed White
Sofie Marie
169 Photos
Nude On The Bed White.

Wicked Weasel Red Black Sheer 457

Breaking His Cherry
Nick Strokes , Sofie Marie
73 Photos, 48 min of video
Virgin and chronic masturbator, Nick, has had a right of passage to manhood presented to him. Spike says it's time for Nick to move from his solo pleasure to the real thing! Spike invites two of his favorite hotwifes to break his stepson's cherry. After a while Spike joins in for a hot taboo foursome!

Wicked Weasel White Sparkle Sheer Dress

Nude Feet And Legs
Sofie Marie
232 Photos
Nude Feet And Legs

Cop Protects Sofie's Back Door
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
24 min of video
Scared of noises in her house, Sofie called the police to investigate. Officer Irons shows up to look for the cause of the noises, and he cannot find any intruder. Sofie is still scared and doesn't want him to leave.She uses her ample assets to keep the cop in her room. She aggressively goes for his big dick and starts to suck. The officer has to head out for another call, but he is mesmerized by her mouth wrapped around his cock. He goes down on her wet pussy then slides his cock in her pink pleasure purse! In doggy he slides his cock in her ass, and she takes his big dick like a champ. The officer has free use of Sofie's holes, and she willingly takes his cum load on her face!

Soccer Moms Make A Milf Sandwich
Jason Pierce , Josh Rivers
94 Photos, 40 min of video
Soccer MILFs Sofie Marie and Piper Press come home to their stepson0, Jason Pierce and Josh Rivers, after they lost their championship soccer game. The guys are depressed and their stepmom's really want them to cheer up. Sofie and Piper sit next to the guys and while they are consoling them, the guys become aroused by the MILFs. The ladies are hot and ready to go after watching all the hot young guys on the soccer field, so they both agree to make the guys happy. After they let the guys play with their huge boobs, the MILFs get on their knees and suck on their young hard cocks. At one point they switch guys so they are fucking their stepson! The MILFs suck cock, rim the guys asses, then they both fuck both of the guys. Josh cums on Piper's face after she fingers his ass and prostate, and Sofie makes Piper eat Jason's cum out of her pussy!

SofieMarieXXX Sofie on Maddies Sex Swing

SofieMarieXXX Sofie and Maddie Sex Swing Tree

Three Milfs And Spike
Mandy Rhea , Piper Press
26 min of video
Spike and his wife, Mandy Rhea are staying in a swanky hotel in Las Vegas and when they arrive they are surprised to find two hot MILFS, Sofie Marie and Piper Press, are naked and eating pussy on their bed. Due a room mixup, lucky Spike takes advantage and an orgy is formed! All three MILFs ride Spike's pole and a dildo is used by the girls as well. It takes a village to have fun in Las Vegas!

Fake Fuck A Fan
Mike Nova , Sofie Marie
19 min of video
Mike Nova is a big Sofie Marie fan, and when he saw her at the pool, he had to introduce himself. He really wants to hook up with her so he tells her he is a content creator and they should work together. Sofie is flattered as he carries her to his cabana, and they have hot outdoor sex.

Sofie wears a Colleen Kelly Sling Micro Bikini in this chapter of her underwater antics. Sofie does her best mermaid as she swims, blows bubbles, and gets naked under water. She dives for dildos, and sucks and fucks them underwater and she rides on the wet step. As a bonus, she gives her camera guy a quick hand job and she tries to catch the cum shot underwater too!

Unconventional Marriage Therapy
Christy Love , Sofie Marie
12 Photos, 27 min of video
Christy Love and her partner Spike Irons need a bit of spice in their sex life, so they signed up for Marriage Therapy at House of Black, where Sofie Marie is holding court. Sofie greets the couple and tests their listening skills by making them lick her black boots, then she makes Christy show her blow job skills on her cock, and then she helps Spike lick Christy's sweet honey pot. Then, she observes them fucking and joins in the fun to show the couple how to make their sex life amazing! Sofie and Christy suck off Spike until he has a massively loud orgasm!

Happy Valentine's Day

Curious Neighbors 2
Brittany Andrews , Sofie Marie
243 Photos, 18 min of video
Sofie Marie is bound and determined to find out what Brittany Andrews' husband does for a living, so she uses her trainer/coach relationship to her advantage. She makes Brit strip naked while she examines her magnificent body, and then Sofie gets naked too, and she makes Brittany lick her sweet ass again! Sofie and Brittany enjoy each others licks and kisses! Sofie will do anything to get what she wants!

Three Lovely MILFS
Kyla Keys , Sofie Marie
121 Photos, 29 min of video
Sofie Marie, Texas Patti, and Kyla Keys are in bed together. These girls are good friends, and they wanted some "Girl Time". Each lady gets a turn being the center of attention, as the ladies lavish kisses, tickles, and licks!

Tennis MILF Fucks A Friend
Rico Reyes , Sofie Marie
12 Photos, 24 min of video
Poor lonely tennis MILF, Sofie Marie is trying to find her stepson, and she heads over to Rico's to look for him there. Rico is playing his guitar, and tells Sofie her stepson, Johnny is not there. Sofie is exasperated, and she sits down on the couch since she is so lonely. Desperate for affection, Sofie makes the move on Rico, and Sofie gets what she wants. Pussy licking, dick sucking and a hard cock in her pussy.

SofieMarieXXX MS Nude Bikini Red Rocks

Nude Beach 2022
Sofie Marie
14 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Nude Beach 2022

SofieMarieXXX SherriLo Yellow Pink Sling Pool

SofieMarieXXX Butterfly Crotchless Panties RWB

SofieMarieXXX WW Hide and Seek Bikini Desert

Paying The Handyman
Alura TNT Jensen , Sofie Marie
105 Photos, 36 min of video
Recently separated Sofie Marie is having a nice chat with her girlfriend Alura Jenson. Since she does not have a man around the house, she hired Spike Irons to help her with broken things. When Sofie's husband left her he also took their money. Sofie is clearly embarrassed that she cannot pay, but Alura has an idea to barter sexual favors in lieu of payment. What guy would turn down 2 gorgeous women? Not Spike. As a handyman he shows off his knowledge of plumbing as he lays the pipe to the ladies, and makes them cum with his handy hands too!

Diving For Dildos 8
Sofie Marie
19 min of video
Bikini clad Sofie Marie swims underwater and shows off her heavenly mermaid physique as she dives for dildos. Once she recovers the submerged dicks, she suck and fucks them. Watch her swim with the dildo in her tight pussy!

SofieMarieXXX BowTie Bikini Extreme Desert

SofieMarieXXX WW Reckless Noir Poolside

Mint Green Bra Panties
Sofie Marie
185 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Mint Green Bra Panties

SofieMarieXXX Pink Lace Lingerie and White Boots

SofieMarieXXX WW Gold Chain Gold Shorts Pool

Paint Her White Sofie's Gang Bang Part 2
Lizzie Love , Sofie Marie
89 Photos, 32 min of video
Paint Her White is a 4 part collection documenting Sofie Marie’s massive gang bang party! Starring Sofie Marie With Brittany Andrews as Mistress of Ceremonies, and Lizzy Love as the Milking Maid As a competitive athlete, Sofie Marie wanted to test her sexual fitness by producing a 30 Cock Gang Bang! With over 2 hours of fucking and sucking, Sofie devours cocks and cum with gusto! This feature showcases Sofie’s beauty, athleticism, and sexual energy thorough out. Brittany Andrews sets the stage for the event by fucking Sofie first! With the help of Lizzy Love as the Milking Maid, the girls get non-stop attention from the invited professional performers and the many fans who showed for the event. The girls collect most of the 49 loads for the grand finale! Sofie gets cream-pied in the pussy and ass, she swallows cum and gets covered with man goo in the big finish. A scorecard tallies loads, and oral, anal and pussy penetration, and the gang bag goes on, the intensity builds for the finale.

SofieMarieXXX HB Pink Orange Lingerie

SofieMarieXXX Honey Birdette Light Green Lingerie

Biceps Worship
Sofie Marie
5 min of video
Sofie is combing her hair, and then she poses in front of the mirror. Eventually she sees her boyfriend watching her, so she really gets into posing for him

Muscle Babe Brandi Mae Massage Sofie Everywhere
Brandi Mae , Sofie Marie
203 Photos, 17 min of video
Sexy bodybuilder Brandi Mae gives Sofie Marie a very sensual and sexual full body massage and a very happy ending!

Cop Whip Ride Fetish
Sofie Marie
5 min of video
Sofie Marie in fetish gear, a cop hat, gagged, and wearing a leather harness, rides a dildo and flogs herself to ecstasy!

Ghostbusters Parody Demon Possession
Sean Michaels , Sofie Marie
386 Photos, 54 min of video
Janine (Sofie Marie) opens a box in the mail that allows a sexual demon to escape and take over her body! She is now insatiable and when Winston (Sean Michaels) comes back to the Ghostbuster's office, she quickly puts her demon intentions to work! She sucks and fucks Winston's BBC in all of her holes and gets two cum loads from her co-worker's big dick!

Black Sheer Nudes
Sofia Rose , Sofie Marie
155 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Black Sheer Nudes

Black Strap Formal Dress
Sofie Marie
159 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Black Strap Formal Dress

A Taboo Feast - Stepsisters Brunch
Aria Khaide , Sofie Marie
98 Photos, 53 min of video
Sexy stepsisters Sofie Marie and Aria Khaide are having a nice brunch, and a tasty breakfast gets to be a full meal as both girls play with food stuffed in each other's wet pussies! Aria starts the taboo action by licking yogurt off Sofie's slender fingers. Then, Aria has Sofie lick yogurt off her nipples, and the girls get busy. Sofie eats a banana out of Aria's wet pussy, and a cucumber gets a double workout as the girls fuck each other! They are interrupted by Sofie's husband (played by Spike Irons). Spike thinks quickly when he catches these two sexy sisters in his kitchen, and he whips out his cock for the girls to share. They eagerly devour his cock and then they take turns with Spike's big dick! A very oral and hot threesome ends with a double bj and the girls swapping Spike's big load!

Sneak In My Room Birthday Reveal
Sean Michaels , Sofie Marie
165 Photos, 51 min of video
It’s Sofie’s husband’s birthday, and Sofie is throwing him a pool party. Sofie is in a sexy bikini, and she gets a message she needs to share with one of the party guests. Sean Michaels and Sofie have a secret, so they sneak off to a bedroom. Sofie gives him some great news: Sofie’s pregnant, from Sean's sperm! They decide to have sex to celebrate. Sofie gets completely naked before blowing Sean and fucking him. Sofie tells Sean how much she loves his big black cock and how excited Sofie is to be having his black baby. Sean fucks all of Sofie's holes, and they try to be quiet so no one at the party notices they’re gone. Sofie fucks until Sean cums inside Sofie, then Sofie licks/cleans Sofie’s/his cum off his cock.

Sneak In My Room Midnight Breeding
Sean Michaels , Sofie Marie
48 Photos, 41 min of video
It’s the middle of the night and Sofie Marie's husband is snoring away. Sofie is awake since she is waiting for a booty call from Sean Michaels. The plan is he will sneak in and have some fun in the middle of the night. Sofie greets him at the back door - Sofie greets him wearing a bathrobe AND she is completely naked underneath - and they head into the kitchen so he can be her “midnight snack”. Sofie fucks Sean hard while trying to be quiet, but Sean's cock so big and he fucks Sofie so well, she is pretty noisy! Sofie takes him in all deep in her pussy, then she asks him to breed her and get her pregnant. Sean fucks Sofie in all her holes, until Sean cums deep inside Sofie's pussy. Did they make her pregnant?

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SofieMarieXXX Maroon Avidlove Nightie V Day 2022

SofieMarieXXX Nude Hearts Stickers VDay 2022

Red AvidLove VDay 2022
Sofie Marie
203 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Red AvidLove VDay 2022

SofieMarieXXX XXXmas WW White Clear Strap

SofieMarieXXX WW Purple yellow Mega Mesh Palm Tree

SofieMarieXXX VS Watermelon Lingerie Sexy Girl Belly Chain

SofieMarieXXX WW Orange Blossom

SofieMarieXXX WW Red White Blue Megamesh Bikini Pool sub

SofieMarieXXX CK Turq Sling Pool

Battle Of The Maries
Claudia Marie , Sofie Marie
132 Photos, 11 min of video
Claudia Marie and Sofie Marie receive a gift labeled to Ms. Marie, and both think the gift is for them and not the other. The massive breasts of Claudia Marie are in full display as the girls have a sexy lesbian sex session, and Sofie Marie's DD's look tiny in comparison! Big breasted hot lesbian action from the Marie's

Black Chain Dubio Poolside
Sofie Marie
41 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Black Chain Dubio Poolside

Hotwife Hires An Italian Escort
Romeo Mancini , Sofie Marie
162 Photos, 28 min of video
Hot and horny Sofie Marie has a little time, and she is not satisfied at home, so she rings her go-to escort service for a premium escort. She lucks out with Romeo Mancini as her new boy toy! Romeo wastes no time sweeping Sofie off her feet and into the bed. She quickly lets herself go as the expert lover kisses and plays with her body. Her senses wake up like from a long rest as she gets wet and multi-orgasmic! Romeo has his way with her and he shoots a massive cumload all over Sofie's beautiful flat stomach!

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SofieMarieXXX WW 2015 Anniversary V-thong Desert

SofieMarieXXX WW Fall From Grace Lingerie