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Scenes From Yummy SnowBunny
Sneak In My Room Midday Shag Snack
Eddie Jaye , Sofie Marie
47 Photos, 29 min of video
Hot Wife Sofie Marie loves dangerous sex! She loves the excitement of cheating on her husband when he is in the next room, and having bareback sex with hot black men! She sneaks Eddie Jaye into her room for a good old fashioned fuck! She can barely keep her composure as Eddie thick BBC fills up her slutty cunt with his cock and then his cum! Sofie loves eating his cum out of her well fucked pussy!

Sneak In My Room Almost Caught
Sofie Marie , Wreccit Ralph
72 Photos, 31 min of video
Sofie Marie is a naughty cheating wife who loves BBC. She also loves the danger of cheating on her husband right under his nose! Sofie's husband is working in his home office when she sneaks Wreccit Ralph into her bedroom. The right to the fun as they undress and get busy! Surprisingly, Sofie's husband comes into their room. The cheaters quickly get under the covers, and Sofie's hubby leaves their room without discovering Sofie has a man between her legs! They are able to relax a bit as they fuck, and Sofie thoroughly enjoys having her married pussy stretched out by Ralph's big black cock!

Commander Sean Michaels is the head of the sexual ambassador service for the Global Alliance. He is traveling thru outer space in search of sexual and sentient beings. Venusian Sofie Marie appears in his space ship as he orbits her planet, and they do tremendous work together expanding their sexual connection.

Sneak In My Room Free Use Friday
Isiah Maxwell , Sofie Marie
37 Photos, 40 min of video
Isiah Maxwell is waiting for Sofie's husband to leave, and he gets the message to come on in Sofie's room. They waste no time taking off their clothes and getting down to fuck! Sofie loves Isiah's hard body and huge BBC, and she takes his big cock all the ways she can. It is Free Use Friday after all , so Isiah fucks all of her holes, as nasty Sofie eagerly does Ass to Mouth and Ass to Pussy. She just wants to be fucked good and hard, and Isiah delivers before he fills up her pink pussy with his spunk!

Hot Wife Hotel BBC Hookup Anthony Hopson
Anthony Hopson , Sofie Marie
64 Photos, 28 min of video
Cheating wife Sofie Marie meets Anthony in the hotel bar. She was looking for a quick hookup while her husband believed she was shopping. She has an instant attraction to the tall, handsome Anthony, which only gets stronger as his thick cock grows in her mouth. Anthony is surprised when he finds out she is married, and takes it in stride as Sofie answers a call from her unsuspecting husband while they are in the middle of their passionate affair. Sofie aggressively fucks the young buck until he cums in her pink married pussy.

In another installment of Sofie's popular Sneak In series, Sean Michaels sneaks into Sofie's room, after Sofie lies to her hubby about going on a girls' trip. What she really wants, is to be pregnant with Sean's offspring! She desperately wants Sean to breed her, since her husband is not worthy. Sean and Sofie know how to have great sex, and this time does not disappoint! Sofie gives Sean a great rim job, before he licks and penetrates her willing white cunt. Sofie wants to feel all of Sean in her ass, before he fills up her pussy and sends his sperm towards her eggs!

Ungloved Love
Sofie Marie , Will Tile
172 Photos, 39 min of video
Sofie Marie is in a hot wife relationship with her husband. He lets Sofie have sex with Will Tile, as long as he always wears a condom, and never cums inside her. Today, Sofie has her bull Will over while her husband is at work, and Sofie decides, today, she is gonna break all the rules. Sofie is wearing a tank top and short shorts when Will arrives. Sofie gets to work blowing him before Will rips off her tank top to get to the fucking. Sofie loves how much better it feels raw, and she doesn’t care how mad her husband will be when he finds out she didn’t use a condom. Clearly, her bull much bigger/better he is than her husband, and she loves to feel full. Will licks her puss, and Sofie licks Will’s ass and balls. Sofie wants ALL HOLES FILLED and Will obliges by thrusting his 10 inch BBC in her pussy, mouth and ass! Afterwords, Sofie calls her husband to share her experiences, and she lies about the ungloved love!

Stepsisters BBC Taboo Birthday Surprise
Sofie Marie , Tee Reel
106 Photos, 40 min of video
Stepsisters Texas Patti and Sofie Marie are hanging out for Texas Patti's birthday, and Sofie has a big surprise for her stepsister. There is a knock at the door, and Sofie tells Texas Patti to hide her eyes. When she opens her eyes she sees a beautiful black man named Tee Reel. Texas Patti is so excited, but not too excited to share her BBC birthday present with Sofie. After some foreplay, the girls take turns on Tee's big black cock until they get the birthday frosting they are craving!

Close Up Inspection
Sofie Marie , Will Tile
304 Photos, 31 min of video
HOA admin Sofie Marie is researching complaints from Will's neighbors. He is being too immodest in his home, and the ladies of the neighborhood are all a 'twitter'. Will's notices Sofie's sexuality during the inspection as she looks at all of the windows to find the offending view. Once Sofie finds the open portal, she agrees to not issue the ticket once Will blackmail's her over her inappropriate internet posts. Sofie eagerly succumbs to Will's tactics, and she gobbles up Will's big dick, and she takes his 10 inch bbc balls deep! Will busts his nut in Sofie's willing snatch, and she loves cleaning up his mess with her tongue!

Hollywood Hot Wife Hotel Hookup
Jack Blaque , Sofie Marie
136 Photos, 31 min of video
Jack Blaque is a music producer who is in town for business, and he is excited when Sofie Marie comes to his room. After a bit of small talk, the overwhelming sexual attraction takes over. Jack licks her sweet pussy, then Sofie takes his BBC deep in her mouth, then balls deep in her honey hole. Sofie eagerly devours his cock to get his cum!

Paint Her White Sofie's Gang Bang Part 2
Lizzie Love , Sofie Marie
89 Photos, 32 min of video
Paint Her White is a 4 part collection documenting Sofie Marie’s massive gang bang party! Starring Sofie Marie With Brittany Andrews as Mistress of Ceremonies, and Lizzy Love as the Milking Maid As a competitive athlete, Sofie Marie wanted to test her sexual fitness by producing a 30 Cock Gang Bang! With over 2 hours of fucking and sucking, Sofie devours cocks and cum with gusto! This feature showcases Sofie’s beauty, athleticism, and sexual energy thorough out. Brittany Andrews sets the stage for the event by fucking Sofie first! With the help of Lizzy Love as the Milking Maid, the girls get non-stop attention from the invited professional performers and the many fans who showed for the event. The girls collect most of the 49 loads for the grand finale! Sofie gets cream-pied in the pussy and ass, she swallows cum and gets covered with man goo in the big finish. A scorecard tallies loads, and oral, anal and pussy penetration, and the gang bag goes on, the intensity builds for the finale.

Home Visit Put Me In Coach
Eddie Jaye , Sofie Marie
182 Photos, 23 min of video
Coach Eddie Jaye is making a very important home visit to the Marie household. Sofie Marie's stepson is clearly acting out at school and he is getting benched by Coach. Johnny is having trouble with his horny behavior, and Coach hopes he can get his player back on the field if his parents would become engaged on this issue. Sofie wants Johnny to be playing so she dresses to make an impression on Coach. In no time, Coach can see why Johnny is oversexed, and in no time Coach is ready to bust his nut in Sofie!

Pink Pony Girl Temperamental Filly
Sean Michaels , Sofie Marie
73 Photos, 41 min of video
Pink Pony Girl is ready to show! Sofie Marie is introduced to her new rider, Sean Michaels. Sofie prances and parades for Sean and hopes that he will approve of her and give her what she wants. Sofie obediently focuses her attention on Sean while her pony trainer, Spike disciplines her with flogging. Eventually, Sofie takes Sean and Spike's cocks deep in all of her holes, until she sucks the cum out of their big cocks!

Coached - What a Workout
Coach Cardher , Sofie Marie
95 Photos, 44 min of video
Sofie is trying out a new personal trainer, Coach Cardher. He is super fit, so he must be a good coach, right? They start off stretching, then they work on loosening Sofie up. Coach breaks out the oil and they both strip so as not to mess up their workout gear. Two hot naked athletes leave all of the their inhibitions behind. Sofie rims, licks balls, and sucks on Coach's big dick. They keep fucking for cardio, and they add in some weights too! Sofie finally gets Coach to blow his load in her mouth!

Home Visit OverSexed
Sofie Marie , Vic Lowrey
176 Photos, 26 min of video
Sofie's stepson's teacher, Vic Lowrey, makes a home visit to discuss her stepson's performance at school. Apparently, Johnny is oversexed at school, and his obvious "horniness" is disrupting the class. Sofie's husband can't make the meeting, so Sofie handles the awkward conversation. Vic wants to see Johnny's room to get an idea about his home life. It doesn't take an insightful person to see that Johnny has a real crush on his stepmom. The poster of her in his room is a dead giveaway. Sofie is so turned on by Vic's compliments on her oozing sexuality, that she pushes him onto Johnny's bed, and she attacks the hardbodied Vic. Clearly Sofie wants to fuck Vic, and she wastes no time undressing and hopping on his hard cock. She never thinks twice about her husband who is on a conference call downstairs!

Naughty Nurse Reduces The Swelling
Sofie Marie , Will Tile
146 Photos, 38 min of video
Nurse Sofie's patient Will Tile has a swelling that just won't go away. His third leg and second brain had its eye on Sofie Marie! Smooth talker Will uses Sofie's compassion for his predicament to get a blow job and then he buries his 10 inch cock deep inside her! Her pussy feels like a warm hug on his hard dick. Finally, Sofie gets the swelling down by making Will bust his load on her perfect tits!

Sneak In My Room Birthday Reveal
Sean Michaels , Sofie Marie
165 Photos, 51 min of video
It’s Sofie’s husband’s birthday, and Sofie is throwing him a pool party. Sofie is in a sexy bikini, and she gets a message she needs to share with one of the party guests. Sean Michaels and Sofie have a secret, so they sneak off to a bedroom. Sofie gives him some great news: Sofie’s pregnant, from Sean's sperm! They decide to have sex to celebrate. Sofie gets completely naked before blowing Sean and fucking him. Sofie tells Sean how much she loves his big black cock and how excited Sofie is to be having his black baby. Sean fucks all of Sofie's holes, and they try to be quiet so no one at the party notices they’re gone. Sofie fucks until Sean cums inside Sofie, then Sofie licks/cleans Sofie’s/his cum off his cock.

Sneak In My Room Midnight Breeding
Sean Michaels , Sofie Marie
48 Photos, 41 min of video
It’s the middle of the night and Sofie Marie's husband is snoring away. Sofie is awake since she is waiting for a booty call from Sean Michaels. The plan is he will sneak in and have some fun in the middle of the night. Sofie greets him at the back door - Sofie greets him wearing a bathrobe AND she is completely naked underneath - and they head into the kitchen so he can be her “midnight snack”. Sofie fucks Sean hard while trying to be quiet, but Sean's cock so big and he fucks Sofie so well, she is pretty noisy! Sofie takes him in all deep in her pussy, then she asks him to breed her and get her pregnant. Sean fucks Sofie in all her holes, until Sean cums deep inside Sofie's pussy. Did they make her pregnant?

Sneak In My Room Use my Backdoor
Alex Jones , Sofie Marie
157 Photos, 36 min of video
Horny housewife Sofie Marie finds Alex Jones on-line, and she wants him now. She meets him outside of her house then sneaks him in through the back door. Sexy Sofie devours Alex's giant dick with her mouth, pussy and her ass! The lucky ladies has all of her holes filled and stretched, and Alex dumps his hot cum on her pussy.

Sneak In My Room feat. Big Tre
Big Tre , Sofie Marie
92 Photos, 34 min of video
After telling her husband that she is going to be napping in her stepdaughter's room, Sofie transforms into a vinyl clad vixen. She opens the bedroom door and Big Tre sneaks into the room. They try to keep quiet as they quickly devour each other with their eyes and then their mouths. Sofie takes all of Tre's BBC in her mouth and from behind. She is in heaven riding his big meaty cock. Then Tre fills up her pussy in missionary before Sofie sends him home.

Sofie Loves BBC POV
Sofie Marie , Will Tile
192 Photos, 32 min of video
Sofie Marie loves BBC and Will Tile love to give her his 10" cock. Shot from Will's POV Sofie fucks and sucks his dick to orgasmic bliss

Sneak In My Room - Cum Slut
Jamie Knoxx , Sofie Marie
19 min of video
The insatiable Sofie Marie is at it again. She calls her latest boy to, Jamie Knoxx, to sneak into her room. She desperately lusts for his super fit body and large thick cock. After sneaking him in her room, she wastes no time getting her horny pussy licked and filled with BBC. Jamie has his way with her before he fills up her pussy with his hot spunk!

Since Sofie's husband is always working, she takes the initiative to find a willing cock to satisfy her so she calls Will to come over to service her. She tells her hubby she is off to take a nap, and she climbs out of her onesie and we see what is really on her mind! She sneaks Will into a spare room and they get to business. She takes Will's 10 inch cock in her willing mouth and her hungry pussy. She tells will to cum in her pussy since her real goal is to get pregnant. Will happily obliges her wish!

Sofie Loves Sean F. Kaylynn
Kyla Keys , Sean Michaels
425 Photos, 54 min of video
Sofie Marie and Sean Michaels love to hunt for hot ladies to bring home to play with them, and Kaylynn is their next willing target! Kaylynn dives into Sofie's shaved pussy, and Sofie ravages Kaylynn with her tongue and a dildo to get her ready for Sean's monster dick. . Sean joins the ladies on the bed for hot sex. Sean fucks Sofie's ass as Kaylynn services her clit, and Kaylynn eagerly takes Sean's BBC in her tight snatch. After Sean blows his load, on Kaylynn's honey hole, Sofie licks them both clean!

White Chicks Black Dicks
Big Tre , Nicole Aria
138 Photos, 36 min of video
Sofie Marie and Nicole Aria meet up with Big Tre and Will Tile for a fun foursome. These two nymphos are hungry for BBC and they devour the studs' big dicks. The girls take turns with both guys as they take as much fucking as they guys can deliver!

Sneak In My Room Around Back
ScottyP , Sofie Marie
103 Photos, 23 min of video
Sofie Marie tells her husband who is working at home in his office, she is heading to bed. She quickly changes into an outfit that shows off her assets, and she lets Scotty P in the back door to her bedroom! Theirs is an instant sexual passion, and they get right into the hot steamy sex they both want! Sofie is total being pleasured in her marriage bed by a guy she just met! She is in horny heaven as she takes Scotty's BBC in her tight pussy!

Hotwife Makes Her Hubby Watch Her Fuck a BBC
Sofie Marie , Will Tile
141 Photos, 27 min of video
Sofie Marie loves her BBC, and she loves to make her hubby watch as she is pleasured by a big giant cock! In this POV cuckold scene you get to watch just like you were Sofie's husband and you get to watch her extreme pleasure taking a 10" cock deep into her intimate pink love hole!

Hotwife In Disguise
Sofie Marie , Will Tile
210 Photos, 33 min of video
Sofie's favorite BBC is in town and she doesn't have permission from her husband to go play with her lover, so she disguises herself as a slob to sneak away. Will is surprised when dumpy, frumpy Sofie shows up at his room, but when she reveals what is underneath her sweats, Will is overwhelmed! Sofie changes and shows Will that "you should not judge a book by its cover!"

Give Me That BBC
Sofie Marie , Will Tile
10 Photos, 31 min of video
Hotwife, Sofie Marie snuck off to a hotel to get some BBC to fill her hungry pussy, and take Will Tile's cum on her face! Standard and POV views 

Yummy Snow Bunny 2
Alex Jones , Jack Blaque
179 min of video
Cheerleader Sofie needs help with her homework so she asks football star Jack Blaque to help her after practice. Sofie quickly distracts Jack from his tutoring and they get busy on extracurricular activities. Sofie sucks his big black cock, and he pounds her tight athletic body until he creams all over her flat stomach. Lionell and Sofie Marie meet-up in Las Vegas for a hot wife interracial fuck session! Sofie Marie is hot to trot after dirty dancing with Sean Michaels at a hotel bar. We find her bringing him to her room where they quickly continue to rub on each other. Sofie discovers Sean's enormous cock and is in heaven! Lots of sweaty athletic sex, as these two very fit bodies intertwine and connect in so many ways. Watch Sofie's tight pussy, bottom out on Sean's 11 inch man meat! These two hotties really have a real sexual connection that is super sexy to experience! Sofie Marie is a hotwife, which means she is allowed to have sex with other men. This night she put on a see through lace dress and paraded herself around the hotel until she met Alex Jones. He is a young, tall, fit stud with a genuine 10 in cock! Watch them kiss, lick, suck and fuck each other! Lots of gasps as Sofie takes his huge member deep in multiple positions, he finishes by cumming all over her shaved pussy. She is a happy girl at the end!! This is their story. Sofie is in her hotel room getting ready for her bikini contest in a very sexy Dubio bikini, when Jack Blaque, the judge, walks into her hotel room. He checks her out, and asks her if she wants to win the contest, guaranteed. The very, competitive Sofie Marie says she'll do whatever it takes! Sofie gives Jack a great. sloppy. porn star blow job, with a facial finish! Winner! 18:19 runtime

Sofie Does Anal BBC Style
Eddie Jaye , Sean Michaels
123 min of video
Legend Sean Michaels is Sofie Marie's anal trainer, and he has given her instructions for her first interracial, professional anal scene!  This full video includes before and after interviews which have Sean's prepping instructions and special tricks to aid in the giving and receiving of anal sex!   Sofie eventually takes all of Sean's 11 inch cock balls deep.  They start with slow gentle sensual kissing, pussy licking and lots of lube for penetration. Sofie take Sean in missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, and cowgirl.  As she gets into the sex, her orgasm train starts rolling,  She does her first Ass-to-mouth for Sean, and Sean finishes by dumping his cum deep into Sofie's pussy! Sofie Marie loves BBC and Eddie Jaye's hot body! She dressed up in super short shorts and woke up Eddie early on a Friday morning. Sofie hubby is traveling again and she was craving having all her holes filled! She and Eddie get right to business with some of Sofie's great oral skills and Eddie gives her a great fucking while they send cell phone videos to her hubby. She tells Eddie that she need his cock in her ass and he willingly obliges and he let loose his big load in her tight butthole! Sofie is Will's landlady, and he wants to have his bro Thrill, move in with him. Sofie is considering another boarder, so she agrees to interview the brothers in her bedroom! She pulls down their workout shorts and starts by sucking on their big black cocks, and then she wants to be fucked hard. She is enjoying the interview process and then she offers them the key to the BACK DOOR! She performs a thorough interview: Two BBCs, Anal sex, ATM, a cream pie and a facial.

Cuckold By Phone Fill Up My Butt
Sean Michaels , Sofie Marie
77 Photos, 40 min of video
Hotwife Sofie Marie gets her fondest wish fulfilled when she gets to go on a date with the legendary Sean Michaels, without her husband! Once they arrive in the sex room, Sean takes the initiative by licking Sofie's hot pussy through her crotchless panties and he finds a crystal butt plug, so he knows what his future plans include for the evening, so he pulls the toy out of her ass to taste then he rims her pink asshole. Sofie returns the favor by licking Sean's ball and ass in an extended rimming session. Sofie sucks on the BBC, and she tries to swallow his man meat down her throat. Passion gets the best of them and Sofie takes Sean's 11 inch cock deep into her pussy, and then into her butt. Sean continues to rock Sofie's world as she shares cell phone videos with her absent hubby. Sean finishes the evening by filling up Sofie's ass with his cum!

SofieMarieXXX SM lionel sofie oral 69

Dishwasher Repair Gets Messy
Shaundam , Sofie Marie
216 Photos, 28 min of video
Sofie's dishwasher is on the fritz, and she calls for a repair man. When Shaundam shows up, Sofie knows she needs his BBC and his seed in her horny wet pussy. She takes of her panties and gives the repairman a show until he makes the move by putting his face in her wet snatch. Sofie returns the favor sucking on his BBC before he stretches her pussy with his big dick, until he fills her pussy full of his cum!

Bobby Grey wants to be a porn actor, so he reached out to Sofie Marie, and he followed the requirements to be casted for Reverse Casting Couch!   Sofie briefly interviews Bobby and then is eager to check out his performance equipment.  He is easy on the eyes and in great shape, so Sofie is very horny for him.  Check out Bobby's performance as he licks Sofie's pussy and asshole, fucks her tight snatch, and cums on her face!

Cuckold by Phone 15 Music Man
Bobby Adore , Sofie Marie
32 min of video
Sofie is a big fan of Bobby's music and she convinced him to come home with her after his last show. His sexy music and smile really got her hot and wet. One troublesome issue is, Sofie is married, but she is a hot wife and as long as she sends videos of her hookups, she is allowed to bring home men to play with her. Sofie takes Bobby's BBC in her mouth and pussy and she gets a pussy full of cum to save for her cuckold hubby!

Cuckold BBC Hubby Watch Me Get A Creampie
Jack Blaque , Sofie Marie
12 Photos, 40 min of video
Sofie just got caught fucking a big black cock in her marriage bed and she made her hubby watch her get a cream pie.  She then gave her hubby a blow job to make sure she could keep being a naughty hot wife!

Swirl Threesome ChocolatePOV
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
48 min of video
Hot Threesome Action from Will TIle's Point of View, featuring Sofie Marie and Spike Irons. Candid, Real, and Sexy!

Cuckold By Phone Cum In My Ass Please
Eddie Jaye , Sofie Marie
38 Photos, 37 min of video
Sofie Marie loves BBC and Eddie Jaye's hot body! She dressed up in super short shorts and woke up Eddie early on a Friday morning. Sofie hubby is traveling again and she was craving having all her holes filled! She and Eddie get right to business with some of Sofie's great oral skills and Eddie gives her a great fucking while they send cell phone videos to her hubby. She tells Eddie that she need his cock in her ass and he willingly obliges and he let loose his big load in her tight butthole!

Kourtney Cucks Her Hubby
Kourtney Chase , Will Tile
61 Photos, 25 min of video
Kourtney Chase is a horny hot wife and she wants big black cock. She invites Will Tile over while she is cooking, and the hottest thing in the kitchen! They have hot sex in the kitchen, and Will cums in her tight snatch, then they move to the couch for round 2. While they are fucking on the couch, Kourtney's husband comes home from work and catches them in the act! Kourtney makes her hubby watch her take WIll's 10 inch cock and she makes hubby watch her get satisfied!

Swirl DP Round 2
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
27 min of video
Sofie gets a DP again from Will and Spike during a live show!

Snatch My Purse
Sofie Marie , Will Tile
18 min of video
Sofie has always had a fantasy of being taken against her will, and fucked hard by a strong black man. Will comes up behind Sofie and tries to take her purse, and Sofie and Will struggle. Will rips Sofie's blouse open and then he makes her suck his BBC. Then, Will fucks Sofie hard before coming all over her face. You can see the sweat all over them as they have hot sweaty sex!

Swirl DP FULL Version
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
20 min of video
FULL Version of Swirl DP

Porn Star Blow Job Goes Crazy feat Jon Jon
Jon Jon , Sofie Marie
1 Photos, 19 min of video
Sofie Marie loves sucking cock, and especially Big Black Cock! In her sexy bikini, she dives on Jon Jon's large cock and gives him one of her porn star blow jobs! Jon Jon can't help but want to bury his cock in her tight pussy, so Sofie hops on and they fuck cowgirl and Standing! Jon Jon blows his load on her face and the wall! She cleans up her face and licks his baby batter off the wall too!

Porn Star Blow Job feat. Ace
Ace Aperature , Sofie Marie
32 min of video
Ace has a big fat cock and loves a good blowjob and Sofie Marie obliges! Filmed with cool lighting POV style Sofie dances and teases before she gives a mostly hands free blow job and gets plastered with cum for a facial finish!

Porn Star Blow Job feat. Ronnie Hendrixxx
Ronnie Hendrixxx , Sofie Marie
2 Photos, 10 min of video
Ronnie's Angels star Ronnie Hendrixxx came over to see Sofie for one of her speciality blow jobs in her kitchen! Sofie Marie gives a Porn Star Blow Job to Ronnie Hendrixxx! Sofie wears sheer lingerie and high heels and she towers over Ronnie. She gets low and sucks off Ronnie with a wet sloppy BJ!

Sofie Marie has been admiring her neighbors talents at the gym, so she invites her neighbor, Jovan Jordan, over to hang a picture while her husband is out of town. Sofie seduces the unsuspecting Jovan and starts giving him the blow job of his life! Jovan's huge cock barely fits in Sofie's mouth but she uses her skills to make him blow in her mouth and she swallows what she can

Jason Banger , Lionell aka Fedora
26 Photos, 60 min of video
Hotwife Sofie Marie is in Las Vegas on a business trip, and she lines up all her favorite big cocks to come over to have sex in the same night but not at the same time. She is trying to fit them all in her schedule! Even the best plans get screwed up, but, Sofie makes the best of her tight pussy on a tight schedule! Jason Banger shows up late, so Spike Irons has hot and wet sloppy seconds. Fedora knocks on the door right after Spike cums, so he has Sofie freshly fucked twice over! Sofie has all the boys back to back to back! Sloppy seconds and thirds!

Sofie Marie's first BBC is Lionell, and he is a well dressed man! Sofie sits him in a chair and proceeds to be the sexual aggressor, as she sucks his BBC and pulls her panties to the side as she rides his pole. Lionel fills up his condom with his big load! Sofie is all dressed up and ready to get laid! She brings Alex Jones up to her hotel room, and she and Alex get to serious athletic fucking. These two fit tall bodies really get after it! Alex blows his load from his 10 cock on her stomach! Sofie Marie is tied down to the bed, blindfolded, poked, penetrated, made to suck 2 cocks, a black one and a white one, and she is brought to cum many times. Double penetrated with dildos, fucked, and then released, then turned over for more!! A WILD NIGHT for Sofie! Sofie and Lionell pose for a nude interracial photoshoot that is very intimate and finishes with Sofie sucking on Lionell's big black dick