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Scenes From YummySexClub
StepMom Sofie Marie hurries her stepson by finishing his hand job for him

Overbooked Remastered 2024. A YUMMYGIRL CLASSIC Hotwife Sofie Marie is in Las Vegas on a business trip, and she lines up all her favorite big cocks to come over to have sex in the same night but not at the same time. She is trying to fit them all in her schedule!  Even the best plans get screwed up, but, Sofie makes the best of her tight pussy on a tight schedule! Jason Banger shows up late, so Spike Irons has hot and wet sloppy seconds. Fedora knocks on the door right after Spike cums, so he has Sofie freshly fucked twice over! Sofie has all the boys back to back to back!  Sloppy seconds and thirds!

Famous Orgies #1
Chris Cock , Eric John
50 min of video
Welcome to Famous Orgies first production. Real people having a real orgy! Enjoy a multi-view, multi-camera view of non-stop sex with 4 hot ladies and 6 horny guys.

Dr Fhelgud New Patient Visit with Dr Marie
LaLa Tada , Sofie Marie
126 Photos, 26 min of video
Dr Fhelgud is seeing a new patient today, Lala Tada, and he is performing a complete physical and gyno exam. He has Lala disrobe, and put on a medical gown for her modesty. He begins the exam and he is very handsy. Lala requests a female to be present, so Dr. Sofie Marie is invited into the exam room. Dr Marie has a very touchy bedside manner, and she helps Dr Fhelgud in the most inappropriate ways! Dr Fhelgud agrees to waive her office visit payment if she sucks him off! She does and swallows every bit of his load like a good patient!

Spock has just beamed aboard the Starship, and clearly the environment on Planet Vagina has given Spock an overdose of estrogen. Captain Kirk notices Spock's transformation, and instructs Spock to take a tricorder reading. Spock announces the result, and suggests a testosterone oral injection. Capt Kirk authorizes Spock to suck his cock to get the dose of testosterone, and Spock obliges.

Bikini Blow Job In The Desert
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
65 Photos, 7 min of video
Sofie Marie is wandering in the desert, where she happens to find a hiker who she wants to meet. She approaches him and with little talk, she pulls down his pants and sucks his cock until he comes in her mouth! "Nice meeting you"

Happy Ending Massage Unclog Me
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
21 min of video
Spike Irons is in need of a massage to release his tension. He says he feels like he is "cloggged up" and he asks Sofie to help get his body fluids flowing again. Sofie gives him a full body massage and she stimulates his body to get his fluids flowing freely! Sofie uses her full body to facilitate the release, and Spike dumps his load on her tiny pussy patch!

Sofie Marie and Andi James have been poolside at the resort. They come upstairs and catch Spike, Andi' s hubby,jerking off in their hotel room. Spike is surprised and horrified, but quickly recovers to negotiate a threesome with the girls. They take turns with him and each other and Andi takes Spike's cum in her mouth and shares it with Sofie.

Cuckold Her
Piper Press , Sofie Marie
23 min of video
Spike Irons and his mistress, Piper Press, decide its time to tell Spike's partner Sofie Marie that they are hooking up. Spike introduces Piper to Sofie as his girlfriend, and Sofie is stunned. Sofie watches with curiosity and horror when Spike and Piper start kissing and Spike fingers her right in front of Sofie. Then, Piper uses Sofie as a pillow when Spike fucks Piper right in front of Sofie! Spike makes Sofie taste his cock after its been in Piper's sweet pussy! Finally, Piper and Spike undress Sofie and make her participate in the show as a good submissive wife.

Maid Service Check Out Time
Payton Hall , Sofie Marie
22 min of video
Maids Sofie Marie and Payton Hall are trying to finish their duties and turn over the rooms. Room 1363 is occupied, and the maids walk in on Spike Iron's masturbating. They ask what will it take to get him out the the room, and he says he needs to cum. Since the maids didn't want another mess to clean, or to leave a guest unhappy, the maids eagerly hopped into bed and worked their magic on Spike.

Sofie Marie brought a man home so she could fuck him in front of her small dicked hubby! Sofie talks to her hubby as she sucks Spike's big cock, and eagerly takes him in her ass. She sucks his cock right out of her ass, and takes him in multiple positions, until Spike fills up her ass with his joy juice! Of course, dirty Sofie eats his cum from her asshole!

Milking Maid Table Massage
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
17 min of video
Sofie Marie massages and then Milks Spike's big dick on a milking table

Playroom Party Threesome
Carmen Valentina , Sofie Marie
24 min of video
Sofie Marie and Carmen Valentina met at a house party for swingers, and they headed to the playroom for some fun. The girls put on a great show kissing, fondling and licking each others pink! They are aware that they are being watched, and after they have satisfied their need for pussy, they invite Spike to pleasure them with his cock! Spike wastes no time and he strips down and hops on the bed. Carmen wants Spike's cock, and as she is riding him, her pussy is covering his cock in cunt cream. Sofie gets her turn as Carmen sits on Spike's face. The girls take turns sucking off Spike, and they give each other cum kisses!

Breaking His Cherry
Nick Strokes , Sofie Marie
73 Photos, 48 min of video
Virgin and chronic masturbator, Nick, has had a right of passage to manhood presented to him. Spike says it's time for Nick to move from his solo pleasure to the real thing! Spike invites two of his favorite hotwifes to break his stepson's cherry. After a while Spike joins in for a hot taboo foursome!

Cop Protects Sofie's Back Door
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
24 min of video
Scared of noises in her house, Sofie called the police to investigate. Officer Irons shows up to look for the cause of the noises, and he cannot find any intruder. Sofie is still scared and doesn't want him to leave.She uses her ample assets to keep the cop in her room. She aggressively goes for his big dick and starts to suck. The officer has to head out for another call, but he is mesmerized by her mouth wrapped around his cock. He goes down on her wet pussy then slides his cock in her pink pleasure purse! In doggy he slides his cock in her ass, and she takes his big dick like a champ. The officer has free use of Sofie's holes, and she willingly takes his cum load on her face!

Unicorn Confessions
Kyla Keys , Sofie Marie
52 min of video
Kyla Keys joins Yummygirl.com's owners, Sofie Marie and Spike Irons, in bed for a chat about how to enjoy a threesome and Kyla's status as a Unicorn. After a chat, Spike. Sofie and Kyla have an intimate and sexy BGG threesome, with both girls getting their pleasure from cock and tongue. Kyla gets is turned on, she squirts off of Spike's cock. The ladies enjoy making Spike cum with a double BJ

Make My Pussy Talk
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
18 min of video
Sofie Marie strips out of her lingerie and begins to play with herself, and then she invites Spike Irons over to fuck her pink snatch, She is so excited that her pussy begins to queef, and Spike keeps making her pussy talk as her wet cunt gapes. Sofie finishes off Spike with a blow job and he cums on her face!

Real Swingers MILFS Make Out Lala Doc
Doc McFuckins , LaLa Tada
23 Photos, 40 min of video
Lala Tada and Doc McFuckins joined Sofie Marie and Spike Irons at Yummygirl Studios for a fun free wheeling foursome. The girls get the scene started by showing off their kissing and pussy licking skills. When the guys join the real sparks begin to fly. Genuine hot swinger sex, and the girls get a mouthful of cum to share from each guy!

Chocolate And Vanilla Pie
Chris Cardio , Raven Swallowz
30 min of video
Friends, Sofie Marie and Raven Swallowz are making pie for the guys while they are watching the game, when they get frisky with the whipped cream! Chris Cardio catches them and they eat the cream of his BBC. Spike Irons hears the commotion and he joins the sweet creamy fun! Desert never looked or tasted so good!

Two Vs For Valentines Day
Sofie Marie , Sophia Locke
122 Photos, 32 min of video
How was your Valentine's Day? Lucky Spike is gifted 2 beautiful MILFs Sofie Marie and Sophia Locke for his surprise. These two horny ladies take turns sucking, fucking and sitting on Spike! This lovely and sexy threesome is full of super sexy moments as the girls make sure their pleasure is spread around lavishly!

Kyla really is starting to like her new boyfriend, Spike, so she introduces Spike to Sofie, her girlfriend, to break the news. How does Spike react? How would you react if your new fuck buddy has lots of fuck buddies? Kyla and Sofie show Spike how much they like pussy, and invite Spike to lick too. Then the girls pull out Spike's cock and the girls make swinging fun by taking turn sitting on Spike's face and cock, until they lap up Spike's cum on their faces! Good Talk.

Dr Fhelgud is All You Need
Pristine Edge , Sofie Marie
143 Photos, 38 min of video
Pristine Edge comes into the medical clinic because she's new in town, and needs her vaccinations updated. She is sent to Dr. Fhelgud’s office. Nurse Sofie sits Pristine in Exam room, and leaves. As the Doctor enters Pristine is sitting on the exam table, and she looks anxious. He walks in, and he lets her know that he'll need to do a full physical exam in order for her to receive vaccines, since she's a new patient. She gets a bit upset and tells him she wants her boyfriend present because she's nervous and shy with male docs. Dr. Fhelgud sternly tells her he doesn’t allow spouses in the room, and she needs to submit to the physical if she wants her shot. Since Pristine is visibly upset, so Doc sends in Nurse Sofie. Nurse Sofie is kind and reassuring, and she tells Pristine not to worry she is in good hands. Dr Fhelgud comes in the exam room, and Pristine asks for the Nurse to be in the room too. Dr says it's not protocol, and he tells her the exam is beginning now. He begins by looking at her eyes, and ears, feeling her throat. He then listens with his stethoscope to her lungs and heart by lifting up the T-shirt. She gets a bit nervous at him lifting her top up. He then tells her to lay down on the table, and he lifts her shirt up to her bra and makes sure shorts are pulled down to her hip bones. He listens with the stethoscope to her abdomen she complains that “it's cold” and she appears to get more nervous. He taps her abdomen and feels her sides with one hand on each side. and she giggles a bit. He has her sit up, and he has her remove her top and bra, while complying with his order, she complains this is too invasive for a physical. HE sternly tells her she needs to comply. He does a breast exam with her sitting up, then he has her lie down flat again, arms above her head, and does the breast exam again. .as she gets aroused again. As he works his way down to her abdomen again, she complains it tickles. He keeps feeling her abdomen more a more sensual and sexual manner, and she is getting excited, so she does without hesitation. She is more aroused and admits to him that she's secretly into doctors. Doc then performs a vaginal exam, and he is very inappropriate and touchy, but Pristine is very aroused and she is clearly enjoying it. Nurse Sofie calls for the Doctor to take an urgent call, and he leaves and Sofie comes in to check on Pristine. She is very touchy as she checks on Pristine’s well-being. Pristine admits she is very aroused and kind of embarrassed. Sofie, while touching Pristine, says he has a great bedside manner so she should just relax and enjoy the rest of the exam. Sofie is absentmindedly fingering Pristine, and she goes down on Pristine, and licks her pussy. Dr Fhelgud walks in and excuses Sofie after they are done, she is in the room to assist. He pulls her to the end of the table, and they begin to fuck. Nurse Sofie stops by for some assistance, and then Pristine sucks and milks the cum out for a spunk oral rinse. Doc says that he is all she needs.

Hiker Girls 2 Desert Heat
Kyla Keys , Sofie Marie
25 min of video
Sofie Marie and Kyla Keys are out on a hike in the Desert heat. The girls think they are alone so they take a break and start kissing and then licking each others pussy! While they are in a compromised position (naked) a male hiker, Spike Irons approaches them and surprises the nude hiker girls. He steals their backpacks until they offer to do whatever it takes to get them back. So they suck and fuck Spike, and get his cum....do they get their stuff back?

Paying The Handyman
Alura TNT Jensen , Sofie Marie
105 Photos, 36 min of video
Recently separated Sofie Marie is having a nice chat with her girlfriend Alura Jenson. Since she does not have a man around the house, she hired Spike Irons to help her with broken things. When Sofie's husband left her he also took their money. Sofie is clearly embarrassed that she cannot pay, but Alura has an idea to barter sexual favors in lieu of payment. What guy would turn down 2 gorgeous women? Not Spike. As a handyman he shows off his knowledge of plumbing as he lays the pipe to the ladies, and makes them cum with his handy hands too!

Pet My Teacher
Natasha Ty , Sofie Marie
160 Photos, 34 min of video
Sexy schoolgirl Natasha Ty has the "hots" for her sexy teacher Mrs. Sofie Marie. Today, Natasha decides to act on her sexual urges, and she flirts with Sofie and rubs her wet pussy for all to see! Mrs. Marie asks Natasha to stay after class so she can reprimand her for her inappropriate behavior, even though Mrs. Marie is very turned on my the show of affection. Shortly after the class leaves, the two horny females make out and work to satisfy their carnal desires! Mrs. Sofie Marie and her student, Natasha Ty, just finished a quick tryst in their classroom when Principal Irons discovers them in a disheveled state. He notices a pair of panties on the desk, and as the Principal, he knows he has to step in to make the situation right. Both of the naughty girls convince Mr. Spike Irons that a blow job will clear his conscience! The girls enthusiastically lick and suck on Mr. Irons big dick, until they get his big load!

Over the objections of her hubby, Sofie Marie is alone in the exam room for a work related physical, and she asks Dr Fhelgud if he can come in the room with her. The Doc says "no" and they get on with the exam. After checking her mouth (hole 1), the doc does a breast and abdomen exam, and then he needs to check out what is under her jean shorts and red panties. Using a speculum, Dr Fhelgud gets up close to Sofie's labia, and then he tests her lubrication by making her squirt. Sofie wants out of this creepy doctor's room, but she really needs the job, so she stays and agrees to Dr Fhelgud's conditions. Dr Fhelgud whips out his cock and gives it to Sofie. She starts rubbing, and in no time they are fucking on the table. Dr Fhelgud continues his exam by sliding his thick cock in Sofie's tight ass, and Sofie happy sucks his cock right after. Sofie rides the Doc until he cums in her tight snatch. Mission accomplished....get the papers signed!

My StepMom Is A Dom 3 POV
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
14 min of video
Sofie is a typical overbearing stepmom. NOT! Sofie is so disappointing to catch her stepson masturbating that she tries an unconventional approach to curb his enthusiasm. She berates and then sucks her stepson's dick. But, just a BJ won't do, so she hops on his hard cock and rides him. He busts his nut in her pussy and she is mad at him for coming early. Can you blame him? POV

A Taboo Feast - Stepsisters Brunch
Aria Khaide , Sofie Marie
98 Photos, 53 min of video
Sexy stepsisters Sofie Marie and Aria Khaide are having a nice brunch, and a tasty breakfast gets to be a full meal as both girls play with food stuffed in each other's wet pussies! Aria starts the taboo action by licking yogurt off Sofie's slender fingers. Then, Aria has Sofie lick yogurt off her nipples, and the girls get busy. Sofie eats a banana out of Aria's wet pussy, and a cucumber gets a double workout as the girls fuck each other! They are interrupted by Sofie's husband (played by Spike Irons). Spike thinks quickly when he catches these two sexy sisters in his kitchen, and he whips out his cock for the girls to share. They eagerly devour his cock and then they take turns with Spike's big dick! A very oral and hot threesome ends with a double bj and the girls swapping Spike's big load!

Stepsisters Sofie Marie and Texas Patti are in a predicament. They were trying out a strap-on dildo and they got stuck together. Sofie called her neighbor, Dr. Fhelgud, and asked him to come help them out. The creepy doctor takes his time and probes and pokes at the lovely lady stack, and he decides on a course of treatment. The good doctor prescribes sexual stimulation to open up Sofie's pussy to try to get the dildo to release. He offers his cock, and the always horny Sofie gobbles it up, as Texas Patti is clearly unsure of this plan. Dr Fhelgud is undeterred, and he sticks his cock in Texas Patti's pussy. He is trying to add motion to try to release the dildo. After the girls are free they eagerly give him his bartered rate, as they both ride his big cock and lap up his cum!

Sofie Marie's directorial debut! Sofie shoots Dr Fhelgud and Crystal Rush for a Medical Fetish video, and she is very hands and tongues on! This cut shows Sofie directing and fluffing the talent between scenes, and the finished medical video plays between the slut cuts!Sofie Marie directorial debut! Sofie shoots Dr Fhelgud and Crystal Rush for a Medical Fetish video, and she is very hands and tongues on! This cut shows Sofie directing and fluffing the talent between scenes, and the finished medical video plays between the slut cuts! Crystal Rush is new to the country, and needs to get her papers signed by a doctor so she can get her job. She goes to see Dr. Fhelgud because he has excellent reputation.  Dr. Fhelgud starts the exam of Crystal knowing that he has leverage over her, and he uses his powers.   Dr. Fhelgud decides to do a full body medical exam on Crystal. Starting with a breast exam, and he makes her remove her top and bra, and then pants for her vaginal exam.  Dr. Fhelgud makes her strip for him and he sticks his fingers deep inside her pussy. Dr. Fhelgud finally gives her the “penis probe” that we know they both want, as he finishes on her pussy!

Crystal Rush is new to the country, and needs to get her papers signed by a doctor so she can get her job. She goes to see Dr. Fhelgud because he has excellent reputation.  Dr. Fhelgud starts the exam of Crystal knowing that he has leverage over her, and he uses his powers.   Dr. Fhelgud decides to do a full body medical exam on Crystal. Starting with a breast exam, and he makes her remove her top and bra, and then pants for her vaginal exam.  Dr. Fhelgud makes her strip for him and he sticks his fingers deep inside her pussy. Dr. Fhelgud finally gives her the “penis probe” that we know they both want, as he finishes on her pussy!

Cheating With My Hubbys Friend
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
159 Photos, 29 min of video
Sofie's husband, John, is supposed to head to the driving range with Spike. Spike checks with Sofie if his golf plans were still a go, and, yes, the plans are GO. By the time Spike arrives, Sofie tells him that John had to cancel. Sofie and Spike sit down to have a chat, and one thing leads to another and they have naughty, cheating with your friend's spouse sex.

Mistress Sofie Owns Kyla Keys - Full Version
Kyla Keys , Sofie Marie
56 Photos, 42 min of video
Mistress Sofie has her willing subslut and slave Kyla Keys to punish and torment. She walks her slave with a leash, ties her to the X-Cross and flogs her pussy, and then she makes Kyla service her wet pussy! Mistress Sofie's slave, Kyla, is tied to a table, spread eagle! Sofie begins her sexual teasing by removing Kyla's panties. She then does her best to make Kyla orgasm! After putting clothespins on Kyla's perky nipples, Sofie licks and plays with Kyla's sweet, bald snatch. Then, Mistress Sofie uses a hitachi vibrator on Kyla as she convulses with pleasure! Mistress Sofie has a big surprise for her slave in training, as she fucks her with a strap-on, Master Spike enters the dungeon to give Kyla a real cock to pleasure. Mistress Sofie and Spike take turns fucking and face fucking Slave Kyla. Master Spike has high expectations for Kyla so he gives her a bare bottom spanking. Kyla is overwhelmed with the discipline and two masters and she cums uncontrolably. For her reward, Kyla is allowed to service Spikes big dick with her Mistress. Both of the girls are cum hungry so they snowball and share Spike's big load!

On a lazy hot summer afternoon, Sofie can not keep her hands and feet off of Spike's big hard cock. She works his cock with her feet and hands under water, as she plays with her horny pussy. She keeps working his cock until he blows huge load in the blue water.